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  • Geeks & Depression meetup (in San Francisco) on by maltman23, [Event,General] Hatena Bookmark

    Geeks & Depression meetup Tuesday, 6-December, 7:30pm No Starch Press, 38 Ringold Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (near Civic Center BART Station) Let’s have a meetup where geeks can talk about depression and suicide. You are not alone. Share your story, if you like. Share a friend’s story. Or just hang out and listen. Let’s […]

  • Please reach out on by maltman23, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    For folks who don’t know, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of the founders of Diaspora, committed suicide recently.  He was 22 years old. Ilya hung out at Noisebridge, and also led workshops and hackathons for Diaspora at our space.  Most people who met him were quickly taken in by his enthusiasm and do-ocratic charisma.  I became instant […]