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It’s Portuguese Independence Day, and as I write, fireworks are going off like crazy outside my window, overlooking what looks similar to the Golden Gate Bridge, but was called Salazar Bridge, after the scary dictator (but renamed to 25 de Abril Bridge, in more recent finer times).

I got here today.  Rather than sleep, which is my MO on planes, I worked on my presentations for Codebits, which I’ll be giving Thusday and Friday — the one Thursday is about how to start a hackerspace, and Noisebridge will, of course, be the focus.

The CNET story about Noisebridge hit the interwebs.  It’s a very decent story:

I met up with two friends and managed to stay awake, and even have an hours-long coherent conversation.  Now I get to catch up on some emails…

Pumping Station: One

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I’m about to fly to Lisbon from Chicago.  But while in Chicago for the last 3 days I hung out at Pumping Station: One.  The previous time I was at PS:1 was a few days after they got their space (I did their first FRED talk).  The space is way lived in now!  A really great group of people. 

Saturday night was their hackathon.  About 30 people were there hacking away.  I left at about 1am, and there were still lots of people there!  Many stayed till 9am.

Aestetix was there, too.  He and Eric (the founder of PS:1) and several others are working on a collaborative hackerspace project that will be revealed at 26C3.  It is a really cool project that will encourage more collaboration and community amongst hackerspaces around the world.

Eric and some other people on the board of PS:1 are talking about starting a non-profit foundation that will help promote hackerspaces in the US.  More on this later, as it gells…

Rubin will be visiting PS:1 soon.  The cross-pollination continues amongst hackerspaces.  :)

Mitch’s travels

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From now till the beginning of February I’ll be traveling around the world, going to hacker conferences, giving presentations, setting up Hardware Hacking Areas, leading workshops, and visiting hackerspaces everywhere I go. 

Here’s my crazy itinerary:  Chicago, Lisbon, Singapore, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Boston.

At the moment I’m at my brothers house in Chicago, where I need to write the two presentations that I’ll be giving at Codebits, in Lisbon — the hacker conference put on by the Portuguese phone company (and I’m currently procrastinating by writing this blog post!). 

Today I’ll prepare the presentation I’ll be giving on Thursday, 3-December, at Codebits, which is entitled:  The Hackerspace Movement.  This, of course, will include lots about Noisebridge.  And I’m hoping that it will inspire someone(s) to start a hackerspace in Lisbon.  Here’s the abstract on the Codebits website:

Tomorrow I’ll prepare the presentation that I’ll be giving on Friday, 4-December at Codebits, entitled: Make A Living Doing What You Love: How to Bring Your Project From Idea To Reality.  This will include photos from the recent Noisebridge China Trip.  Here’s the abstract on the Codebits website:

All throughout the Codebits hacker conference I’ll be teaching people to solder and to make cool things at the Hardware Hacking Area that I’ll set up there when I arrive on Tuesday. 

One of the cool things about Codebits is the 24 Hour Competition, which is a 24-hour period where people who wish to will initiate and (hopefully) finish a project, which they will have 2 minutes to present on the last day of the conference.  Prizes are given to the people (or teams) who create the coolest projects.   Anyone who wants to can make use of the Hardware Hacking Area, and I’ll be there to help everyone.  It shold be way fun!

Circuit Hacking Monday

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Last Monday was the last time I’ll be leading Circuit Hacking Monday at Noisebridge for several weeks.  It was lots of fun!  There were almost 40 people there, making TV-B-Gones, Trippy RGB Waves, Arduino clone kits, and other cool kits that I created to teach people how to make things with electronics.  Several people learned to solder for the first time!  Some people brought in their own cool projects to work on.  And some people brought in their old, broken electronics that are now working again, thanks to the helpful geeks at Noisebridge.

While I’m gone, Miloh will be leading Circuit Hacking Monday workshops.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be traveling the planet, giving talks and workshops everywhere I go:  Lisbon, Singapore, Berlin, NYC, Boston, and hopefully other places out East where I’ll be visiting (Philly, Baltimore, DC).

I’ll be gone till the beginning of February!

Class: Intro to Processing Language

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My friend Bill Hsu creates realy cool animations using the Processing language.  He’s also a really good teacher.  He’ll be teaching a class at Noisebridge!

When: Thursday, December 10th — 6pm to 9pm

Where: Noisebridge

What: Intro to the Processing Programming Language: simple interactive graphics and animation for everyone!

More info:

Noisekitchen Counter

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Check out what BJ and Zedd did last night.


In addition to countless others who've thrown in random amounts of time into making this amazing little tile art over the past week, BJ and Zedd have thrown countless hours into this really neat thing. The diameter of the logo is about 70cm. Once Zedd gets done building the brick oven in the second bathroom we'll be ready for some giant pizza.


Faces of Toorcamp

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Going into the Silo

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The Shocker at Noisedome

Main Hall


Long Walk

Power Dome

Toorcamp was hosted at a decommissioned Titan missile silo site. Four stories underground, 55 degrees, and very cold war. We had to wear hard hats and go down in groups. It was an interesting place to be and photograph.

More photos.

LED Skull Throwies

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Skull Throwie

Our very own Orion was recently featured in the MakerBot Blog, showing off some LED skull throwies he created. Check out the post for more information!



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Toorcamp Shed

Most Interesting Bike Rack Yet

I Assure you this is Real


The Hacker Stage

Toorcamp was described as a surprise Burning Man. It was hot, dusty, and the wind did some awesome things. A small community of hackers and snarky bastards was formed and we partied like no tomorrow.

More photos.