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  • Toorcamp with Noisebridge on by Rubin Starset, [Event,General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    Toorcamp is a hacker/maker conference and camp, the next one is coming up August 8th through the 12th and takes place on the Northern Washington coast in Neah Bay. Hacker camps generally consist of talks and workshops, plus the fine tomfoolery that hackers can come up with when faced with the great out doors. Just […]

  • Mitch Altman is no longer welcome in Canada? on by maltman23, [Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    Ever been kicked out of a country before? Well, it sucks. I’m in the middle of my Hackers On A Train Workshop Tour, giving my popular Learn-to-Solder and Arduino-For-Total-Newbies workshops at 22 hackerspaces near Amtrak stations, and going to 4 conferences, over a 53 days. All by Amtrak. That was the plan, anyhow. I was […]

  • Hacker Trip To China #2 on by maltman23, [Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    I got home today from a month-long trip to China that I organized <>. 10 of us traveled around, visiting all of the hackerspaces currently in China, exhibiting at the Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire and giving talks and workshops and exhibiting at the big Maker Carnival China 2012 in Beijing. We also visited my manufacturer […]

  • – Hack Nights for the Occupy Movement on by Rubin Starset, [General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    The Occupy Movement is an international protest movement which is primarily directed against social and economic inequality. Currently near by to us there are Occupy encampments in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. Noisebridge as always is open to those looking for a space to work on projects, and resources to make those projects a reality. […]

  • Trip to Cairo, Egypt on by maltman23, [Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    I’m in Cairo.  The main reason for this trip was to set up a 3-day hackerspace at Maker Faire Africa, which is in Cairo this year.  Exciting time to be here!  Lots of high hopes since the “Freedom Revolution”.  Plus lots of attempts by the still-ruling-military at divide-and-rule. Our trip was funded by generous donations […]

  • Wall-O-Tubes v1 on by Rubin Starset, [Create,General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    The internet is a hard problem, not really solved yet. Getting the internet into your hacker space is another hard problem. Thirdly making it easy for folks to diagnose their (own) network problems without taking down the internet for others or killing other network hardware is also hard. At Noisebridge we've got a network rack […]

  • NYC Resistor visit on by Rubin Starset, [Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    Rachel sez: I visited NYC Resistor this past weekend.  They’ve got a 5th floor space in Brooklyn, maybe a little bigger than ours, with lovely light.  I posted some pics on the Noisebridge wiki, and here’s a few more: They gave us a present which I will post pictures of as soon as I’ve shown […]