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  • Noisebridge Light Control on by aniniow, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    Happy Holidays! In celebration of the winter festivities and do-ocracy, several members (Josh Meyer, Jonathan Foote, Michael Toren and Ani Niow) decided to buy a bunch of strings of LED lights from the local Walgreens, hook them up to a relay switch that's connected to a small webserver. There are two sets around each of […]

  • Codebits on by maltman23, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    For three days, 400 people created projects, attended presentations, and made cool things at Codebits, the annual hacker conference in Lisbon.  It is put on by SAPO, the Portuguese phone company.  They flew me out here to set up a Hardware Hacking Area.  And they asked me to give a presentation.  I asked if I […]

  • Lisbon on by maltman23, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    It’s Portuguese Independence Day, and as I write, fireworks are going off like crazy outside my window, overlooking what looks similar to the Golden Gate Bridge, but was called Salazar Bridge, after the scary dictator (but renamed to 25 de Abril Bridge, in more recent finer times). I got here today.  Rather than sleep, which […]

  • Pumping Station: One on by maltman23, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    I’m about to fly to Lisbon from Chicago.  But while in Chicago for the last 3 days I hung out at Pumping Station: One.  The previous time I was at PS:1 was a few days after they got their space (I did their first FRED talk).  The space is way lived in now!  A really great […]

  • Mitch’s travels on by maltman23, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    From now till the beginning of February I’ll be traveling around the world, going to hacker conferences, giving presentations, setting up Hardware Hacking Areas, leading workshops, and visiting hackerspaces everywhere I go.  Here’s my crazy itinerary:  Chicago, Lisbon, Singapore, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Boston. At the moment I’m at my brothers house in Chicago, where […]

  • Noisekitchen Counter on by Rubin Starset, [Create,General] Hatena Bookmark

    Check out what BJ and Zedd did last night. In addition to countless others who've thrown in random amounts of time into making this amazing little tile art over the past week, BJ and Zedd have thrown countless hours into this really neat thing. The diameter of the logo is about 70cm. Once Zedd gets […]

  • Blogness on by Rubin Starset, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    Noisebridge has a blog.  You never know, it may come in handy. Anyone can post.  Login info on the mailing list, and I’ll also post them on a wall at 83C shortly.