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  • Updated dku-5 cable mod on by rmiloh, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    Better instructions for modifying one of the PCB types found in DKU-5 cables. These contain a prolific 2303HX which works fine for many serial purposes, speed up to 115200 settable in the standard baud rate settings (not continuously) I’ve seen 3 different layouts for the pcb’s in the DKU-5 cables so far, this is what […]

  • goodbye ftdi, hello prolific on by rmiloh, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    I said: "We gotta do something about these hard to obtain and pricey ftdi cables." Thanks to Jesse Welz telling me about old nokia phone cables with prolific usb to serial chip inside, and thanks to jake {jerkey} spaz for keeping it real simple with old ide cable cutups We now have $2/piece usb to […]

  • Let me Explain…Why I’m in Singapore. on by antonio, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    So, I thought I was just hopping over to Noisebridge after a rare semi-”day off”, to celebrate the birthday of Moxie (who I hadn’t seen in 4 or 5 years) and the anniversary of Noisebridge. I knew that this was to be a special event–with everyone throwing $10 in a pot at the event, we […]

  • Mitch’s Eastern European & Belgium Tour of Hackerspaces on by maltman23, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    After my Midwest Workshop Tour of Hackerspaces <> I had 8 days at home to prepare for me next Workshop Tour, this time visiting Eastern Europe and Belgium, where there are lots of new hackerspaces! My trip to Europe was paid for by BruCON <>, and annual hacker conference in Brussels, Belgium, which is branching […]

  • Mitch’s Midwest Workshop Tour of Hackerspaces on by maltman23, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    After being on the road since the beginning of July, 2010, I’m in Toronto, my second stop on my Midwest Tour of Hackerspaces which will last throughout the month of August.  (This trip started with setting up a Hardware Hacking Area at RMLL in Bordeaux, France <>, followed by setting up a Hardware Hacking Area […]

  • Noisebridge laser order on by rmiloh, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    Noisebridge Laser order arrives, July 2010

  • Fenn and the makerbot on by rmiloh, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    Fenn has been working with the Noisebridge Makerbot to build some parts for his Mini Mendel reprap. The site includes photos of parts and information about Mini Mendel design improvements.

  • 5MoF Intro Videos Online on by aestetix, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    One of the first things people who come to Five Minutes of Fame see is our intro video. What started out as a 10-15 minute jingle to distract people from the fact we weren't ready wound up taking on a life of its own, and turned into something I'm proud to consider an art form. […]

  • FOIA workshop at Noisebridge on by aestetix, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    On April 1, 2010, Marcia Hofmann of the EFF gave a talk on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). She covered the basics of what it is, how to file one, and what the legal implications and ramifications of the process are. Her talk was very insightful and cleared up a lot of common misconceptions […]

  • Welcome To Our Kitchen on Pi Day! on by aniniow, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    Heloooooo Noisebridgers! Thanks to Zedd, Scott and the rest of our awesome build team our kitchen is nearing completion! (applause) A couple of us have been wanting to celebrate this occasion with an epic day of cooking and we just got reminded that Pi day is coming up on Sunday. Seems like the perfect opportunity […]