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  • Toorcamp with Noisebridge on by Rubin Starset, [Event,General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    Toorcamp is a hacker/maker conference and camp, the next one is coming up August 8th through the 12th and takes place on the Northern Washington coast in Neah Bay. Hacker camps generally consist of talks and workshops, plus the fine tomfoolery that hackers can come up with when faced with the great out doors. Just […]

  • Stop by Noisebridge after Maker Faire! on by Rubin Starset, [Event,General] Hatena Bookmark

    We'll be open every day/night during Maker Faire, drop by and check out the space if you're visiting!

  • Geeks & Depression meetup (in San Francisco) on by maltman23, [Event,General] Hatena Bookmark

    Geeks & Depression meetup Tuesday, 6-December, 7:30pm No Starch Press, 38 Ringold Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (near Civic Center BART Station) Let’s have a meetup where geeks can talk about depression and suicide. You are not alone. Share your story, if you like. Share a friend’s story. Or just hang out and listen. Let’s […]

  • Please reach out on by maltman23, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    For folks who don’t know, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of the founders of Diaspora, committed suicide recently.  He was 22 years old. Ilya hung out at Noisebridge, and also led workshops and hackathons for Diaspora at our space.  Most people who met him were quickly taken in by his enthusiasm and do-ocratic charisma.  I became instant […]

  • – Hack Nights for the Occupy Movement on by Rubin Starset, [General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    The Occupy Movement is an international protest movement which is primarily directed against social and economic inequality. Currently near by to us there are Occupy encampments in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. Noisebridge as always is open to those looking for a space to work on projects, and resources to make those projects a reality. […]

  • Replicator Wednesday on by elijah, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    We made a giant fastener. We used the laser cutter. More fun shall ensue…

  • Violence in Cairo — 9-October-2011 on by maltman23, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    From tweets and other postings, and stories from various news sources, I’ve been able to peace together this version of the big picture here in Egypt regarding tonight’s violence: There is a powerful, small minority of ultra-right-wing Islamic theocrats called the Salafiyun, with ties to the supreme military council running the country. They want to […]

  • Wall-O-Tubes v1 on by Rubin Starset, [Create,General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    The internet is a hard problem, not really solved yet. Getting the internet into your hacker space is another hard problem. Thirdly making it easy for folks to diagnose their (own) network problems without taking down the internet for others or killing other network hardware is also hard. At Noisebridge we've got a network rack […]

  • Let there be light on by lizzard, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    Today at Noisebridge I learned that you don’t have to wave your lightsaber around like a fool in order for it to make the cool lightsaber noises. You can just tap it gently on the handle where the motion sensor is. Mike Kan demonstrates. Mike explained to several people, during his signature “Telephone” tour of […]

  • Making Daleks and buttonholes on by lizzard, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    Tonight at Noisebridge there were a lot of different little projects and meetings happening all over the space. I wandered around and took some bad snapshots of them for your blogulating pleasure. We got new soldering irons! Miloh arrayed them on a shelf near the entrance and they look very splendid. My guess is that […]