Noisebridge Birthday – 4 years of Excellent Failures

It's been 4 years since we opened our doors on October 1st 2008 at 83c Wiese Street, and a little over 3 years in our current location at 2169 Mission Street. Since then we've done a number of silly things, gotten in trouble, provided internet freedom, become extremely angry at people, been to outer space, come together as a community of techno misfits, and started our own republic. Above all else we've shown time and time again at failing in the most excellent ways. And some how we still haven't managed to burn the building down, (fully) chop off someone's limb and get horribly sued, or be the target of a government raid.

On the night of Sunday October 7th, come and celebrate the fact that we are the most oldest (and still operating), most resilient, and probably most open to everyone hacker space in San Francisco.

We'll be at the space from about 20:00 onward with paper and tinfoil hats. There'll be some sort of music. Surprise guest appearances by Pedobear. I'm sure you could donate some Bitcoin on food and drink, if not BYOB. This'll be a very informal gathering so don't expect the theatrics from parties past. Think of it as a hack night with a general theme of party, socializing, and crying into each others shoulders remember 4 years of excellent failures.

Toorcamp with Noisebridge

Toorcamp is a hacker/maker conference and camp, the next one is coming up August 8th through the 12th and takes place on the Northern Washington coast in Neah Bay. Hacker camps generally consist of talks and workshops, plus the fine tomfoolery that hackers can come up with when faced with the great out doors.

Just like last year, Noisebridge is planning a camp, The People's Republic of Nosebridge. Within PR0N we'll be hosting the Welcome Pavilion, Light Tower of Consenso, Occubus, Drama Cafe, and a vomitorium.

Interested in going to Toorcamp? Want to possibly camp with PR0N? Are you an excellent human being? Great! Get on our mailing list and ask how now!

Geeks & Depression meetup (in San Francisco)

Geeks & Depression meetup
Tuesday, 6-December, 7:30pm
No Starch Press, 38 Ringold Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
(near Civic Center BART Station)

Let’s have a meetup where geeks can talk about depression and suicide. You are not alone. Share your story, if you like. Share a friend’s story. Or just hang out and listen. Let’s make it OK to talk about these things so that we don’t feel so alone with our feelings of being alone and depressed or suicidal.

This is not a support group — none of us are trained professionals, but we can get together in a safe, confidential space to talk about depression and suicide — an important part of life for so many of us geeks.


If others elsewhere in the world feel like creating their own meetups, please do.




Hackmeet at Noisebridge

Last weekend, Noisebridge hosted Hackmeet 2011, a two-day unconference and skillshare for activists, hackers, artists and community members. There were lectures and group discussions as well as hands-on workshops and space for last-minute sessions which weren’t on the schedule. Several Noisebridge participants and Food Not Bombs¬†and others cooked vegan food for the whole group, and around 150-200 people attended. The Hackmeet organizers after meeting expenses plan to give some money to Food Not Bombs to buy pans, and the rest to Noisebridge for hosting.

If you missed Hackmeet and you can make it to Mexico next week then you could go to Hackmitin, another free unconference! Hackmeet sponsored a representative from Hacklab Autónomo and his talk on their activities was very interesting.


Hackmitin will be held just north of Mexico City, at Cereza in Ojo de Agua, October 28-30. Here’s a link directly to their call for participation. The focus will be on software libre – privacidad – hacktivismo – resistencia y desobediencia digital: free software, privacy, hacktivism, resistance and digital civil disobedience.

Here’s some photos of the Hackmitin taken by Mitch Altman.

People sitting in a big circle for a group discussion of technology and privilege:

hackmeet discussion

Morgan Mayhem (@headhntr) speaking on anti-forensics, i.e. ways to help secure data or delete it from a hard drive so it can’t be stolen, intercepted, recovered and read. Standing room only for this talk!

hackmeet forensics talk

A medium-sized audience for a talk in Noisebridge’s main room:

hackmeet audience

And some of the intrepid cooks who fed everyone for two days:

hackmeet cooking

Hackmeet organizers suggested that we might work with them in coming months to make some modifications to Noisebridge that make it easier to use for events. The main improvement, one many people have suggested in the past, is sound insulation for the different rooms. We could build up the walls between the shop and the classrooms, or put up sound baffles of some kind, or perhaps set up thick theatrical curtains to muffle noise.

Noisebridge 3 Year Anniversary – Hacker Prom!

Flier by tensory -

It's been 3 years since we initially opened our doors to all kinds of hackers from all parts of the world. Time to celebrate, hacker prom style! Bring a date (robots are totally allowed) and come on down to Noisebridge to relive those awkward moments from high school with your fellow hacker/maker.

We're also kicking off Noisetor, our no nonsense donate to help keep Tor functional service. Half of the donations collected for the night will go to feed the servers with glorious internet and provide more bandwidth for those in need!

Where: Noisebridge - 2169 Mission St, San Francisco (2 blocks from 16th Street Bart)
When: Saturday October 1st, starting at 8PM
What: The dancing, Makeout room (with Makerbots), spiked punch, awkward prom photos, geeks, Noisebridge-discuss Drama Queen and Queen
Humans: Wear either dress shirt with tie or dressy dress (bad ties will be given out at the door if needed)
Robots: All external metal bits must be polished

There will be chaperones, so no funny business, and we'll try to provide acceptable music. Come and have fun!

Update! We'll have Doctor Popular and crashfaster on deck for the night to provide you with musical tickling!

Flier by Tensory.

Anti/Surveillance Fashion Show

Noisebridge is proud to present Anti/Surveillance Fashion Show at the upcoming Maker Faire in San Mateo. Anti/Surveillance is a runway show exploring the uses of wearables for surveillance, and for hiding from surveillance. We are currently accepting submissions for participation in the show. Constantly under the lens of the camera, fashion is a natural form in which to explore the relationship between surveillance and culture. How are we watched? How do we watch? How do we present ourselves to the eyes of the world? At Maker Faire 2010, May 22-23, we will be presenting Anti/Surveillance, a runway show that explores the role of and our relationship with surveillance in our society. We are looking for submissions covering the range from playful to practical. Do you make accessories that blind CCTV cameras with IR LEDs? Have you imagined makeup that will thwart face detection? Ever built an invisibility coat? Or maybe you just like to put QR codes on all your clothing to make it easier for people to track you. If you are interested in showing wearable work that explores the boundaries of surveillance please submit your work to be included in Anti/Surveillance Fashion Show. To submit your project, please send the following information to as soon as possible: <uL
  • A photo or short video of your project, or a link to a URL with photo(s) or video(s)
  • A few sentences describing your project and how it relates to surveillance
  • How the item is worn on the body, and any physical restrictions on the model wearing it
  • Any special requirements for care or use of the item
  • For more information, including a time line, please check out the wiki page.

    Hacker EPROM – Noisebridge’s First Prom! – February 27th

    Time Lapse of Interactive Party at NYC Resistor by openfly - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

    Date: February 27th
    Time: 20:00
    Location: Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St
    Dress code: Formal Attire Required

    There will be the dancing, we'll have DJs, there'll be a disco ball and punch. We will have some kind of photo couple portraits thing setup. The Makeout room will be in full swing (to make things out of other things in).

    Formal attire and a date required (doesn't have to be human, can be a robot). Please check the wiki page for more information.

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