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  • Wall-O-Tubes v1 on by Rubin Starset, [Create,General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    The internet is a hard problem, not really solved yet. Getting the internet into your hacker space is another hard problem. Thirdly making it easy for folks to diagnose their (own) network problems without taking down the internet for others or killing other network hardware is also hard. At Noisebridge we've got a network rack […]

  • Circuit Hacking Monday on by maltman23, [Create] Hatena Bookmark

    Last Monday was the last time I’ll be leading Circuit Hacking Monday at Noisebridge for several weeks.  It was lots of fun!  There were almost 40 people there, making TV-B-Gones, Trippy RGB Waves, Arduino clone kits, and other cool kits that I created to teach people how to make things with electronics.  Several people learned […]

  • Noisekitchen Counter on by Rubin Starset, [Create,General] Hatena Bookmark

    Check out what BJ and Zedd did last night. In addition to countless others who've thrown in random amounts of time into making this amazing little tile art over the past week, BJ and Zedd have thrown countless hours into this really neat thing. The diameter of the logo is about 70cm. Once Zedd gets […]

  • LED Skull Throwies on by Rubin Starset, [Create] Hatena Bookmark

    Our very own Orion was recently featured in the MakerBot Blog, showing off some LED skull throwies he created. Check out the post for more information!