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  • Noisebridge Birthday – 4 years of Excellent Failures on by Rubin Starset, [Event] Hatena Bookmark

    It's been 4 years since we opened our doors on October 1st 2008 at 83c Wiese Street, and a little over 3 years in our current location at 2169 Mission Street. Since then we've done a number of silly things, gotten in trouble, provided internet freedom, become extremely angry at people, been to outer space, […]

  • Toorcamp with Noisebridge on by Rubin Starset, [Event,General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    Toorcamp is a hacker/maker conference and camp, the next one is coming up August 8th through the 12th and takes place on the Northern Washington coast in Neah Bay. Hacker camps generally consist of talks and workshops, plus the fine tomfoolery that hackers can come up with when faced with the great out doors. Just […]

  • Stop by Noisebridge after Maker Faire! on by Rubin Starset, [Event,General] Hatena Bookmark

    We'll be open every day/night during Maker Faire, drop by and check out the space if you're visiting!

  • – Hack Nights for the Occupy Movement on by Rubin Starset, [General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    The Occupy Movement is an international protest movement which is primarily directed against social and economic inequality. Currently near by to us there are Occupy encampments in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. Noisebridge as always is open to those looking for a space to work on projects, and resources to make those projects a reality. […]

  • Wall-O-Tubes v1 on by Rubin Starset, [Create,General,Hackerspaces] Hatena Bookmark

    The internet is a hard problem, not really solved yet. Getting the internet into your hacker space is another hard problem. Thirdly making it easy for folks to diagnose their (own) network problems without taking down the internet for others or killing other network hardware is also hard. At Noisebridge we've got a network rack […]

  • Noisebridge 3 Year Anniversary – Hacker Prom! on by Rubin Starset, [Event] Hatena Bookmark

    It's been 3 years since we initially opened our doors to all kinds of hackers from all parts of the world. Time to celebrate, hacker prom style! Bring a date (robots are totally allowed) and come on down to Noisebridge to relive those awkward moments from high school with your fellow hacker/maker. We're also kicking […]

  • Anti/Surveillance Fashion Show on by Rubin Starset, [Event] Hatena Bookmark

    Noisebridge is proud to present Anti/Surveillance Fashion Show at the upcoming Maker Faire in San Mateo. Anti/Surveillance is a runway show exploring the uses of wearables for surveillance, and for hiding from surveillance. We are currently accepting submissions for participation in the show. Constantly under the lens of the camera, fashion is a natural form […]

  • Hacker EPROM – Noisebridge’s First Prom! – February 27th on by Rubin Starset, [Event] Hatena Bookmark

    Time Lapse of Interactive Party at NYC Resistor by openfly - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License Date: February 27th Time: 20:00 Location: Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St Dress code: Formal Attire Required There will be the dancing, we'll have DJs, there'll be a disco ball and punch. We will have some kind of photo couple […]

  • Nosebridge Apartment on by Rubin Starset, [Syndicated] Hatena Bookmark

    20091228 Got yelled at by the landlord.

  • REAL MAGIC DONGLE on by Rubin Starset, [Syndicated] Hatena Bookmark

    20091222 Communication. Brisk ride down Broadway into Downtown Oakland. At Noisebridge eating left over tofu scramble and staying warm.