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  • Einhorn. That’s Unicorn in German. on by elijah, [NoiseRep] Hatena Bookmark

    Our lovely build platforms for Noisebridge’s RepRaps George and Gracie have been completed. Each one was made using a piece of poorly cut 3/8″¬†acrylic, and two layers of 1/8″ Plywood, laser cut to size. The holes for all three parts of each platform were also laser cut. For vitamins, I used four M3x16 Socket Cap […]

  • Durp goes the power supply… on by elijah, [NoiseRep] Hatena Bookmark

    Fantastic day at Replicator Wednesday, although unproductive, for the power was reset while I was printing prusa parts, and I lost the print. However, this is why PLA is so wonderful. When I was done swearing, I could simply toss the PLA garbage in the Blue recycling bin as a category 7. A word to […]

  • Replicator Wednesday on by elijah, [General] Hatena Bookmark

    We made a giant fastener. We used the laser cutter. More fun shall ensue…

  • Oh, Hai there! on by elijah, [NoiseRep] Hatena Bookmark

    Hello, all. I’m Elijah, and I work with NoiseRep, or in other words: The folks who futz around with and build the 3D Printers. I myself am helping to build George and Gracie. They are not from television from ages past, nor are they whales from Star Trek IV (Although if you do research about […]