Welcome To Our Kitchen on Pi Day!


Heloooooo Noisebridgers!

Thanks to Zedd, Scott and the rest of our awesome build team our kitchen is nearing completion! (applause) A couple of us have been wanting to celebrate this occasion with an epic day of cooking and we just got reminded that Pi day is coming up on Sunday. Seems like the perfect opportunity to show off our newly finished kitchen.


Before we go off and buy the ingredients needed, we need your help. Our plan was to make burgers, fries, pizza, legendary vegan mac & cheese and of course pie so put your name down on the wiki page if you are planning on attending so we can figure out how much stuff to get.

Food prep will start at 3:14 so come by then and place your order.

See you all Sunday…

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Noisebridge Light Control

Happy Holidays!


In celebration of the winter festivities and do-ocracy, several members (Josh Meyer, Jonathan Foote, Michael Toren and Ani Niow) decided to buy a bunch of strings of LED lights from the local Walgreens, hook them up to a relay switch that's connected to a small webserver. There are two sets around each of the four windows on the west wide of the space, one set of while lights and one set that's coloured. The group programmed different patterns in Python to make them do batshit insane things. Check out the control interface here and have fun with it. Also see the wiki entry if you're interested in how it works or want to help out with the project. If you have any pictures or video of them running than please post them below!

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Jennifer Granick Talks About Hackerspaces and the Law


A couple weeks ago Jennifer Granick of the EFF gave an open Q&A about legal issues that people in hackerspaces might face. You can see it here: http://blip.tv/file/2949647


It's a long video but well worth the watch, especially if you're a member of a hackerspace like Noisebridge. The talk is also CC licensed so feel free to distribute it to other spaces or your geeky friends!

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