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If you were not aware, Noisebridge has been undergoing a reboot for the past month or so. This meant closing down the space, sanding down all the floors, throwing out a ridiculous amount of cruft, putting up new walls, getting rid of code violations, destroying the DJ booth and kitchen, the whole shebang. And it’s looking great so far! There’s still a bunch of stuff do to, but I have had a significant hand in hampering that progress by organizing…

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 A week simply packed, filled to the brim, just bursting at the seams, with classes. Except for when everyone’s at work, because obviously. Someone actually felt like pointing that out to me and I was like, okay, thanks.

It’s Sunday evening and I’ve been sitting in the Church room, complete with new paint, new ethernet, and otherwise in-progress electrical wiring, for two whole days. These days have been spent learning about Arduino, Eagle CAD, Python, Kinect, and Lightroom. And I taught my own class on computers. So far, huge success! It is only too bad that having a good amount of students in the space is not conducive to coating the floors in polyurethane, on account of the whole volatile organic compounds entering people’s lungs.

Regardless, both work on the space and classes in the space will continue throughout the week. There’s just a heck of a lot of stuff coming up. Here’s the whole schedule. Just look at it.

This Friday around 6pm, probably regardless of where we are construction-wise, we’re throwing a Grand Re-opening Party and wow you’re all invited! Watch this space, or maybe the wiki‘s space, or maybe the mailing lists, or something else.

What have I been forgetting? Oh yes; money. This whole reboot thing is expensive! So if you’ve been moved to tears by this story of valor and paint fumes, please donate generously to our currently running Indiegogo so when all is said and done we’re able to appreciate all we’ve done without being evicted. Have a Noisetastic day! I’m winking and pointing both of my fingers at you.

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