Noisebridgers Make Novel Method to Cycle LED’s

Welcome to our workbench.

Jameco and donated a buncha weird parts to Noisebridge, including LED’s, crystal oscillators, 555 timers, Russian capacitors…. Thank You, JameCo and Instructables! Thanks Dana Sniezko for suggesting this partnership.

Our mission: make something that does something. Not as easy as it sounds.

The result: A 9-volt battery driving an LM317 power-supply outputting 5 volts, driving a tiny sliver of crystallized rock into resonance at one-and-a-half thousand vibrations per second, divided in half, 8 times, by a binary counter, down to a speed of about six vibrations per-second, driving an LED.

Meaning, we made multiple LED’s blink at varying rates, all without a microcontroller. “i’m happy to say, not one 555 was used”, says Johny Radio, organizer. “This was my design goal, since everybody uses 555’s for everything.”

John Ellis provided essential insight regarding chip-pinouts, Jonathan brain-hacker suggested using two crystals to derive beat-frequencies (which we decided added unnecessary complexity, and would have delayed pizza-time), Martino Da Video was our handsome public-relations representative (he wore pink sunglasses), and Johny Radio conceived the circuit design. It was a real Noisebridge group achievement.

“One amazing Instructable” says Carley Jacobson of

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