Einhorn. That’s Unicorn in German.

Our lovely build platforms for Noisebridge’s RepRaps George and Gracie have been completed. Each one was made using a piece of poorly cut 3/8″ acrylic, and two layers of 1/8″ Plywood, laser cut to size. The holes for all three parts of each platform were also laser cut. For vitamins, I used four M3x16 Socket Cap bolts, and three M3 Nuts per bolt separating each part of the platform.

Hey laser cutting people: I have discovered excellent settings for laser cutting 1/8″ plywood. Regulate the current to just a pinch under 15mA and use the following settings:

3 Passes / 18.75% Speed / 100% power.

The reduced speed (25% to 18.75% – a 25% reduction) seems to account for the needed power, while the reduced number of passes (also a 25% and thus proportional reduction) reduces the excess char that is produced by the laser.

I’m going to be borrowing one of our Cupcake CNC’s over thanksgiving weekend to make a ton of prints. If all goes well, I’ll bring it back on Sunday with at least two sets of Prusa RPs printed, along with some spools and other goodies if time and materials permit. Awesomeness shall ensue.

Also, feast your eyes on two new Replicators to this world! one of them, currently just a concept/in early stages of design and development could be the successor to the Prusa Mendel, and the other could be the first real “RepRap for the rest of us” type thing.

Gobble Gobble! Go forth and replicate!

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