Oh, Hai there!

Hello, all. I’m Elijah, and I work with NoiseRep, or in other words: The folks who futz around with and build the 3D Printers.

I myself am helping to build George and Gracie. They are not from television from ages past, nor are they whales from Star Trek IV (Although if you do research about that movie you’ll see why they kind of are related to those whales). They are the names of the two new RepRap Prusa Mendels that I, Miloh, and Andrew are working on bringing into this world.

I’ll have updates thereof, as well as updates from our regularly scheduled event, Replicator Wednesday. By the way, y’all should all go to that. It runs on Wednesdays from 1700 to 2200. There, you can learn about and how to do 3D printing.

Say, why not an update now? As it stands, the frames of both Prusas are tightened up, and we are building up the Y-Stages. I’ll run along and buy some plywood and bring it in on Wednesday (2 November). We had some acrylic, but cutting it (with a jig-saw) didn’t go so well.

Miloh has our ten NEMA-17 stepper motors needed for the two machines. It’s getting exciting because we pretty much have everything we need to assemble the machines.

Anyway, that which does not get finished on Wednesdays, I try to finish on Sundays if I’m not already busy. Hopefully the machines will be done in a few weeks.

That’s all for now. I shall attempt to make an update at least one weekly, but I’m very busy at this time.


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