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Noisebridge 3 Year Anniversary – Hacker Prom!

written by Rubin Starset on

Flier by tensory -

It's been 3 years since we initially opened our doors to all kinds of hackers from all parts of the world. Time to celebrate, hacker prom style! Bring a date (robots are totally allowed) and come on down to Noisebridge to relive those awkward moments from high school with your fellow hacker/maker.

We're also kicking off Noisetor, our no nonsense donate to help keep Tor functional service. Half of the donations collected for the night will go to feed the servers with glorious internet and provide more bandwidth for those in need!

Where: Noisebridge - 2169 Mission St, San Francisco (2 blocks from 16th Street Bart)
When: Saturday October 1st, starting at 8PM
What: The dancing, Makeout room (with Makerbots), spiked punch, awkward prom photos, geeks, Noisebridge-discuss Drama Queen and Queen
Humans: Wear either dress shirt with tie or dressy dress (bad ties will be given out at the door if needed)
Robots: All external metal bits must be polished

There will be chaperones, so no funny business, and we'll try to provide acceptable music. Come and have fun!

Update! We'll have Doctor Popular and crashfaster on deck for the night to provide you with musical tickling!

Flier by Tensory.

8 Responses to “Noisebridge 3 Year Anniversary – Hacker Prom!”

  1. comment from Rameen

    I’ll be there
    And +1 my computer, Janet Jackson.

  2. comment from lizzard

    I’ll be there striking fear into the hearts of all delinquents!

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  5. comment from vanessa

    is there an age requirement?

  6. comment from rubin110

    No age requirement at all.

  7. comment from kidblink

    How much?

  8. comment from rubin110

    The event is free, but we’re accepting donations at the door, that or awkward prom stories.

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