goodbye ftdi, hello prolific

I said: "We gotta do something about these hard to obtain and pricey ftdi cables." Thanks to Jesse Welz telling me about old nokia phone cables with prolific usb to serial chip inside, and thanks to jake {jerkey} spaz for keeping it real simple with old ide cable cutups We now have $2/piece usb to serial cables at Noisebridge to use with projects like the Volksduino. Pictured below is the pinout for the prolific 2303HX, which is what I've seen used in the DKU-5 cables. It's connected to the Volksduino with an old IDE ribbon cable and a chopped IDE dual inline header with 6x2 plugs. The ribbon traces are doubled up. It fits great and is easily assembled. There's a spare Prolific pcb shown, they seem to have a little variety from part to part, but are consistent enough for someone to throw together a cable for their own Volksduino/boarduino/BBB cable in about 15-30 minutes. Prolific 2303 pinout cheapo usb-serial

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