Let me Explain…Why I’m in Singapore.

So, I thought I was just hopping over to Noisebridge after a rare semi-“day off”, to celebrate the birthday of Moxie (who I hadn’t seen in 4 or 5 years) and the anniversary of Noisebridge. I knew that this was to be a special event–with everyone throwing $10 in a pot at the event, we were going to decide collectively the “best” use of the money.

When it came down to voting, some of the best ideas were:

-Ball playground like at Chucky Cheeze in the back room

-Drugzzz (duh)

-buying actually needed things, like USB cables or a sign for the space…

but of course the one that actually received the most support was: send someone out of the country as an ambassador for noisebridge…leaving the next day. what a stupid arbitrary use of the money. I mean, I love ball playgrounds (actually I should’ve suggested a fun house/bouncy house). I was just excited about the idea of democratic tomfoolery, and when it came to deciding how to figure out who would get to go, I suggested a Ro Sham Bo tournament.

I didn’t realize that I was the best Ro Sham Bo player around; nor did I realize that if I won, I would be peer pressured into actually doing it. I was playing for the love of the game, not to win. People who know me know that I do too much crap to support myself wasting time sitting on a plane for 15 hours, in order to spend another 30 hours somewhere I’ve never thought about visiting before (and then the 15 hour flight back of course). So when I won, I freaked out. I don’t want to do this. Um, doesn’t someone else want to? Well, yes, Zach Houston will do anything. And that guy in the green shirt had some intense desire in his eyes as I laid down the final scissors of the game, but sorry buddy, runner up counts for nothing in the game of winning a trip to Singapore.

How was Singapore chosen? I don’t actually know because I escaped to the Uptown, to seek advice from my bartender roommate and friends. Unanimously, it was agreed that I should go. Fuck it, they said. Cancel your meetings. Skip an entire week of school. Who cares about all that when you could do something for no reason? So I came back to NB and the decision had been made to send me to Singapore. Luckily enough, kindred spirits over at hackerspace.sg were interested in hosting me, even though (shhh!) I don’t know much about computer hacking. As others have explained, I’m more of a life hacker.

So, long story long, I just arrived to the apartment I’m being put up in, downtown. It’s hot and humid (as expected). I managed to not have any drugs on me, and so escaped the death penalty. I will not be chewing gum. All that is left is trying to see if I can sleep, and figure out what and how many things I can do, foods I can eat, and cool people I can meet in 30 hours.

Suggestions are welcome, as well as requests for trinkets to buy.

hit me up antidogmatist [atttt] gmail [dotttt] com


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