Pumping Station: One

I’m about to fly to Lisbon from Chicago.  But while in Chicago for the last 3 days I hung out at Pumping Station: One.  The previous time I was at PS:1 was a few days after they got their space (I did their first FRED talk).  The space is way lived in now!  A really great group of people. 

Saturday night was their hackathon.  About 30 people were there hacking away.  I left at about 1am, and there were still lots of people there!  Many stayed till 9am.

Aestetix was there, too.  He and Eric (the founder of PS:1) and several others are working on a collaborative hackerspace project that will be revealed at 26C3.  It is a really cool project that will encourage more collaboration and community amongst hackerspaces around the world.

Eric and some other people on the board of PS:1 are talking about starting a non-profit foundation that will help promote hackerspaces in the US.  More on this later, as it gells…

Rubin will be visiting PS:1 soon.  The cross-pollination continues amongst hackerspaces.  :)

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