Mitch’s travels

From now till the beginning of February I’ll be traveling around the world, going to hacker conferences, giving presentations, setting up Hardware Hacking Areas, leading workshops, and visiting hackerspaces everywhere I go. 

Here’s my crazy itinerary:  Chicago, Lisbon, Singapore, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Boston.

At the moment I’m at my brothers house in Chicago, where I need to write the two presentations that I’ll be giving at Codebits, in Lisbon — the hacker conference put on by the Portuguese phone company (and I’m currently procrastinating by writing this blog post!). 

Today I’ll prepare the presentation I’ll be giving on Thursday, 3-December, at Codebits, which is entitled:  The Hackerspace Movement.  This, of course, will include lots about Noisebridge.  And I’m hoping that it will inspire someone(s) to start a hackerspace in Lisbon.  Here’s the abstract on the Codebits website:

Tomorrow I’ll prepare the presentation that I’ll be giving on Friday, 4-December at Codebits, entitled: Make A Living Doing What You Love: How to Bring Your Project From Idea To Reality.  This will include photos from the recent Noisebridge China Trip.  Here’s the abstract on the Codebits website:

All throughout the Codebits hacker conference I’ll be teaching people to solder and to make cool things at the Hardware Hacking Area that I’ll set up there when I arrive on Tuesday. 

One of the cool things about Codebits is the 24 Hour Competition, which is a 24-hour period where people who wish to will initiate and (hopefully) finish a project, which they will have 2 minutes to present on the last day of the conference.  Prizes are given to the people (or teams) who create the coolest projects.   Anyone who wants to can make use of the Hardware Hacking Area, and I’ll be there to help everyone.  It shold be way fun!

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